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February 26, 2014

Hello, friends!!

Here’s an awesome feature the YouVersion has come up with. For the kids!!

You could download it for free and watch your kids enjoy their Bible reading like never before!

Here’s the link :

Like a green leaf

June 12, 2013

Whoever trusts in his riches will fall, but the righteous will flourish like a green leaf.

Why me?

February 14, 2013

practice rather than post

January 30, 2013

Everything today is online.






Spreading the good news also. Easy isn’t it?


Internet has  taken over our lives, overwhelmed us rather.. Undeniably, even the churches and its functions have not been spared of its impact and power.

Tweeting biblical verses, sharing God-inspired posts, pictures…Everything is so easy and so fast.

But in this age and technology where Christians are online, the Christianity in the Christian is offline..

What I am trying to say is this,

Tweeting prayers for ailing aunt Polly is not praying. Posting an uplifting comment to encourage Uncle Tom is not fellow-ship. Donating a few bucks online to charity homes does not reach out to the love-starved little souls.

Its time to get real, Christian. Its time to practice rather than post.

Lets get down there in the murky place,
Visit the sick in their ailing days,
Touch them and hug them, pat their backs,
Drop a letter, handwritten with ink blue or black…
Pray. With them. For them.
And see how my Father rewards in Heaven!

Lets go offline, for there is less traffic there. :)

When its so bitter in there….

January 24, 2013

Of late I seem to be growing more and more bitter..

Bitter about the way life, people (and sometimes God) had treated me… I wake up every morning, and continuing throughout the day that God could have made this better, or that still better…

But what we fail to practice, though theoretically understand that bitterness arises because of jealously and or covetousness,  leading to hatred against other brothers and sisters, and ending up with a heart that is ungrateful to God. And murder( of all sorts).

We all remember Cain’s story, don’t we?

First and foremost, we ought to understand that no matter how much we may compete against circumstances, and even get what we regret of  having lost out, we will never find happiness. Because the problem was and is not physical or material. Its spiritual. And must have a spiritual solution.

Now that the problem is established, what can one do to kick this slow poison?

  • Pray. Please. How long are we Christians not gonna go our secret closets, get personal with Him who longingly and lovingly awaits to get really really personal with us?
  • Repent. Its not just enough to confess. We have to be determined to stick not to go back to all those things that make us bitter. Just don’t look back.
  • Read. The word of God. Memorise, write down what you learnt, just make a journal. Meditate. Even better if you get good christian books to help you out. It works. Trust God.
  • Recreation. Now, the practical part. Pursue your hobbies, interests. Listen to good christian music (love Chris Tomlin’s). Get busy. Don’t be idle. You will soon find that you’ve no time to look back again!

picture courtesy: Etsy

Bitterness, Oh bitterness,

how you came in a stealthy way,

robbing me of joy with each passing day…

Bitterness, Oh bitterness,

I know not how I let you in,

slowly leading me into deeper sin.

Bitterness, Oh bitterness,

Time to kick you out of my life,

And I will get better, with Jesus on my side :)


September 3, 2012

Come all times, sun or rain,
She loves, she cares, she gives without complaints,
like a candle she melts lighting my world,
Mother, you are far more precious than gold.

Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.

-Proverbs 31:29


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