love (nant) is in the air!

While this post may be a little late to go on live, nevertheless I couldn’t get myself not write it, given the fact that it even fit the theme of this month.

My post today is inspired from 2 Samuel 21. This chapter happened to be my day’s regular scripture portion, completing which left me wondering the reason behind God documenting it for ages to know. The chapter is an intriguing and interesting series of facts, stories and incidents that’s completely irrelevant to the climax of the book of 2 Samuel, a record of David’s life. The story emerges out of the blue, completely in contrast to an obvious closure that the book was running into.

If we were to squeeze the entire chapter in one word, it would be – COVENANT!

I wouldn’t recite the whole story, (and encourage you to read the story yourself), but let me tell you this much that the chapter tracks back to the time when Joshua hadn’t even set a foot in the Promised Land! The chapter is in relation to the made a treaty with the Gibeonites, under utter deception!! There can’t be a better example in the Bible that could give us a picture of how serious God’s is with the subject. This chapter will give the reader a a taste of the possible dangers when there is a breach. Surely He demands uncompromising commitment towards promises made – made between men (leave alone involving God Himself!)

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Pic Courtesy: Pinterest

Now if we look at the age we’re in, the ratio of people falling out of love seems to greater than the ratio people falling in love. We are in a time where love is so fickle, materialistic and in God’s language – cold ( Matthew 24: 12). Indeed the divorce rate has never been this high.

Now I am not getting preachy, and do understand the sensitivity of the subject, each divorce has its own reasons, both human and divine. But am talking about the those marriages falling apart without giving itself some (or more?) time, more thought and more good a reason. Neither am I going to say what should be done, or list out a few do’s and don’ts.

But what if we seek hope where there is none, strength where there requires forgiveness, seek the very reason to hang on there!

Indeed, if God requires commitment and sincerity towards a treaty made under deception, how much more would our marriage vows matter to HIM?! It would be nothing less than a sacremental exchange of vows with God as witness! And any voilence of it puts us in a dangerous spot in God’s sight.

So, stick to the covenant made before HIM. Seek hope in a hopeless situation and rest not until you find one. Choose to forgive, and if unable to do so, seek the strength to do so. Get a counselor, give that talk. Get involved, if needed the only one to be. Get God involved because if and when HE does, then impossible is nothing. That’s a certainity.

penning it all down!



I am not a person of resolutions and is a total athiest on the subject, but last year I liked the idea of journalising my spiritual thoughts and lessons. My mom’s demisal had really grieved me and I needed much comfort, something friends and relatives cannot fully succeed in giving.

 Of course, they have their limitations and hey, God doesn’t! After that sad day of my life, God had, in multiple occasions and ways promised to comfort me if I rededicated my life back to him. It wasn’t a tough thing to do as I was really in need of divine healing, and in order to track and witness that promise of comfort, I felt penning it down somewhere would be the best thing to do.

But like so many of us, I couldn’t keep up with the resolution, used to write occasionally and soon I gave up the whole thing altogether.

How I regret of abandoning that resolution!

How sorry am I for not having taken up my spiritual lessons seriously! If I had, I wouldn’t have landed around the same mountain spot as I am today! If I had , I wouldn’t have dealt with situations in the same hideous way as I had last year and years before. If I had, I would have avoided so many heartaches, mine and others.

Nevertheless, I believe its never a wrong time for a right thing. So, almost on daily basis, I write in my diary, every thought, every experience, every prayer and every lesson and be able to taste the joy of having a dialogue with God!

starting anew

How many of you and how many times have drifted and backslided from God? Many a times all you might agree. So was with me. I backslided. Not in some major way. I continued churching, tithing, etc… But prayerlessness, lesser and no personal relationship with God, bitterness, worry, anger, negativity, covetousness (read FB and Instagram here) and other such emotions were able to keep me away from my Lord. One thing lead to another, and you could say that I spent good year and more away from God.

While sin is initially pleasing to the eye and heart, it isn’t entertaining everyday. One (or a backslided christian atleast!) would sooner or later find it burdensome, boring, empty.

While I actually started this blog with a if-she-can-do-it-so-can-I mindset, its amazing to discover blogging (for Jesus!) very liberating, fulfilling and accomplishing. So, am starting again and afresh with a different outlook altogether. Big inspiration has been this awesome christian blogger , Joy Pedrow. After reading her point and story, I could no longer silence the thought of reinstating this blog. There was a time when I went around fishing for more blog clicks and followers, but now its my prayer and wish to make a difference in that one person out there who might be in need of what I have to say, with the help of the Lord.

Reblogged post: Spirit of being obsessed with people

Social Sites are a great way to stay in touch with near and dear, friends and families. But it also can’t be denied that the same platforms are used (mostly) to be updated about people that are not of any good part in our life.

That teenage boyfriend, that crush at church to whom you never existed, that colleague who left you broken and battered beyond recovery…Most of us have a past buried, a flame sniffed off.. And given the least of chance, the dead corpses can come tumbling over, that flame can be rekindled to an untamed fire.

The whole psychology can be named as ‘obsession with people’.

It is painful. It is dangerous. It is Sin.

Christian Author and my favorite blogger ELENA RAMIREZ speaks on this sin that has even Christians under its strong clutches.

Click here to read what she has to say about it.

Reason to believe

Lizzy Little

Look how they dance. Look how they talk. Take any movie or even any reality show. We have little geniuses around us. They are bright, bold, better…Not an iota of fear. Nothing today seem to charm, fascinate, amuse, or mystify them. Academics, technology, entertainment… they have it all. Call them born with a silver spoon.

Back in those days, children were adorable, cute… and innocent!
But where are they now?
Seriously! They talk scorn, dress like divas, eat at McDonald’s, and want an iPhone!! This generation calls them smart. Yes, the word smart has a new definition altogether!

I look around and see all of them growing into monsters of tomorrow.. Imperious at school, intolerable at office, infidel at home.

Where does this leave a well-meaning Christian parent like me ? Is there no hope for us? In any case, when we do bring-up a meek, humble kid would they be…

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