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Social Sites are a great way to stay in touch with near and dear, friends and families. But it also can’t be denied that the same platforms are used (mostly) to be updated about people that are not of any good part in our life.

That teenage boyfriend, that crush at church to whom you never existed, that colleague who left you broken and battered beyond recovery…Most of us have a past buried, a flame sniffed off.. And given the least of chance, the dead corpses can come tumbling over, that flame can be rekindled to an untamed fire.

The whole psychology can be named as ‘obsession with people’.

It is painful. It is dangerous. It is Sin.

Christian Author and my favorite blogger ELENA RAMIREZ speaks on this sin that has even Christians under its strong clutches.

Click here to read what she has to say about it.

Reason to believe

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Look how they dance. Look how they talk. Take any movie or even any reality show. We have little geniuses around us. They are bright, bold, better…Not an iota of fear. Nothing today seem to charm, fascinate, amuse, or mystify them. Academics, technology, entertainment… they have it all. Call them born with a silver spoon.

Back in those days, children were adorable, cute… and innocent!
But where are they now?
Seriously! They talk scorn, dress like divas, eat at McDonald’s, and want an iPhone!! This generation calls them smart. Yes, the word smart has a new definition altogether!

I look around and see all of them growing into monsters of tomorrow.. Imperious at school, intolerable at office, infidel at home.

Where does this leave a well-meaning Christian parent like me ? Is there no hope for us? In any case, when we do bring-up a meek, humble kid would they be…

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practice rather than post

Everything today is online.






Spreading the good news also. Easy isn’t it?


Internet has  taken over our lives, overwhelmed us rather.. Undeniably, even the churches and its functions have not been spared of its impact and power.

Tweeting biblical verses, sharing God-inspired posts, pictures…Everything is so easy and so fast.

But in this age and technology where Christians are online, the Christianity in the Christian is offline..

What I am trying to say is this,

Tweeting prayers for ailing aunt Polly is not praying. Posting an uplifting comment to encourage Uncle Tom is not fellow-ship. Donating a few bucks online to charity homes does not reach out to the love-starved little souls.

Its time to get real, Christian. Its time to practice rather than post.

Lets get down there in the murky place,
Visit the sick in their ailing days,
Touch them and hug them, pat their backs,
Drop a letter, handwritten with ink blue or black…
Pray. With them. For them.
And see how my Father rewards in Heaven!

Lets go offline, for there is less traffic there. :)

When its so bitter in there….

Of late I seem to be growing more and more bitter..

Bitter about the way life, people (and sometimes God) had treated me… I wake up every morning, and continuing throughout the day that God could have made this better, or that still better…

But what we fail to practice, though theoretically understand that bitterness arises because of jealously and or covetousness,  leading to hatred against other brothers and sisters, and ending up with a heart that is ungrateful to God. And murder( of all sorts).

We all remember Cain’s story, don’t we?

First and foremost, we ought to understand that no matter how much we may compete against circumstances, and even get what we regret of  having lost out, we will never find happiness. Because the problem was and is not physical or material. Its spiritual. And must have a spiritual solution.

Now that the problem is established, what can one do to kick this slow poison?

  • Pray. Please. How long are we Christians not gonna go our secret closets, get personal with Him who longingly and lovingly awaits to get really really personal with us?
  • Repent. Its not just enough to confess. We have to be determined to stick not to go back to all those things that make us bitter. Just don’t look back.
  • Read. The word of God. Memorise, write down what you learnt, just make a journal. Meditate. Even better if you get good christian books to help you out. It works. Trust God.
  • Recreation. Now, the practical part. Pursue your hobbies, interests. Listen to good christian music (love Chris Tomlin’s). Get busy. Don’t be idle. You will soon find that you’ve no time to look back again!

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Bitterness, Oh bitterness,

how you came in a stealthy way,

robbing me of joy with each passing day…

Bitterness, Oh bitterness,

I know not how I let you in,

slowly leading me into deeper sin.

Bitterness, Oh bitterness,

Time to kick you out of my life,

And I will get better, with Jesus on my side :)


Come all times, sun or rain,
She loves, she cares, she gives without complaints,
like a candle she melts lighting my world,
Mother, you are far more precious than gold.

Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.

-Proverbs 31:29

Lest I say

I love Him, because He first loved me,
He died, He rose and so my salvation is free,
He paid it all, its free indeed..!
It was, is and always will be

Let it be known, let it be decreed,
Lest I say, ‘It was me’

My answers came quickly, because of His favor
Its the great love and grace of my Father,
His grace moves His hand and not my care,

Let it be known, let it be declared
lest I say ,’my prayer’

His kingdom is free, to those that believe,
my works, my toil are all rags dirty,
Only His righteousness, His precious blood,Will open the gates of heaven above,

Let it be known, let it be professed,
lest I say, ‘my service”

I will return

Where I first received saw the divine light

Where I first received my sight,

Where I first enjoyed the green pasture,

Before I went astray away from my Master.

Where I first heard him knock,

Where we sat for hours together and talk,

There where the still waters ran,

There where my affair with Him began,

Yes, I have to go back to where it all began,

I will walk, to where I can find Him again

I will walk again, I will start it right now

To search and return my first Love.

Avoiding the highway of pride and arrogance,

I will walk the valley of repentance,

I will eat of the humble crumbs on my way

Then I can find my Saviour’s face.

Yes, that is where He can be found,

Among the lowly and the contrite

I will go to the point that I can see,

To find Him rejoicing at the sight of me!

Just that one fruit

He gave them all to rule and dominate,

All his creation was Adam’s and his mate.

They could eat anything that was made,

Just that one fruit they weren’t allowed to taste.

“God doesn’t love you, His plans aren’t best,

Else why was this one fruit, from you, withheld?”

Said the serpent to Eve, that creature, that sly

Little did she know that he was the father of all lies…

Thus they both lost the best that God had given,

Both holiness, fellowship before they sinned,

The choice they thought was wise and best,

Turned to be rebellion against God Himself!

Your service to God is nothing but vain,

“If God loved you, why this pain?”

The devil comes with such subtle saying,

Leading you to abandon your divine calling.

Still complaining for that one joy not found?

While in every way you’ve blessings abound?

Still lusting for that one joy not there,

And doubting God’s purpose and care?

Let us thus refuse to listen,

To what the devil has to say.

And reject to disobey and question,

Knowing that God’s is the best way!

Take a Break

Okay, so here I de-stress.  I have decided to take a break and hit this cosy corner where I like to relax, taken time away from the mundane and the routine and the rat-race. Hmm, its good to take a break. Break, yes break!

I was born again when? May be when I was 16 or 17, don’t remember exactly but round about that time, one May afternoon, when HE really kind of change my life…if it would not be HIS touch, that day, it would be a different me.! I repented from my old ways, thoughts, beliefs, etc….

But it was not always a holy and right me, I sinned many times till today. Everyday is a repentance (I’m sure, you’d agree)

But life is always getting better with the ever increasing stress and cares. When life gets tougher, you kinda want to take a break. Break! Yes, break! Physical break is fine, but about spiritual break? What kind of break am I talking? Its this “Is anything left?”, ” Is there hope?”, ” Oh, forget it!”, ” Its not going to work.” So why pray? So why God? Why Bible?

People tend to give up. People tend to take a break! From prayer life, from God, from hoping that there is hope, from holding on to the God who cares.

Such a break is a disaster! Personal experience. It leads to sin.

I took one (and have just returned from) such a break, and could not find my way back to HIM! Completely lost! Unaware how to deal with the every increasing pressure, without peace! Confusion all around. Confusion that needed to be forgotten and ignored, by getting into all kinds of wrong addictions. Sin leading into another sin…Sin causing confusion. God! Its a never ending vicious circle. Lost!

It was difficult again to get back to knees (after the break!). It was difficult to catch up the lost faith (after losing touch!)

Its like this:

Sin will always take you farther than you were willing to go.

Sin will always keep you longer than you were willing to stay.

Sin will always cost you more than you were willing to pay.

 When the day was rough and tiresome, even Jesus took breaks. To a solitary place. To pray. To be with HIS Father.
Friends, have you taken such breaks, from your spiritual walk? Enough. Return. Before its too late. Get back to work, with Jesus. Working with Jesus is the coolest holiday!

Smitten By Jesus

Each day waking up with a vacuum in my heart,

wondering why I live, questioning my every breath.


Do I become a singer and sing?

That would to me much laurels bring.

Do I become a movie star legendary?

And be an icon of name and beauty.


Do I sojourn and travel all places,

Do I write and tell of different races?

Do I mount the great Everest

Will it bring a sense of fulfillment?


I’ve been there, both places low and high,

I’ve seen people of great beauty and might..

The holy places don’t give the peace that’s sought.

The great people too are an unhappy lot…


So, all is said and all is done,

And my heart could find its peace in none.

But why each Sunday I find great rest,

Why I find peace and feel so blessed?


Yes, I have found the answer to my quest,

That I’ve been born to praise my Christ.

To love HIM, to worship HIM with my whole being,

Trusting and hoping, and ever-believing..


His works when I think, they are all a beauty,

His words never hurt or ever return empty.

He always brings hope, love and healing,

I just seem to be too smitten by HIM.

Pick up your mat

Have you just had a bad day?

despite the morning prayer that you hurriedly say.

Have you just lashed out at someone?

and wished later that it should never have been done.

No, no, my friend! Don’t it let you stop,

Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.

You might just be going through a break up,

or wish your wife would just shut up.

Have you made a terrible mistake?

and caused the relation to crumble and break?

No, no, my friend! Don’t it let you stop,

Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.

Have you been weeping about it for ages now?

and wished you could somehow turn the clock around?

Have you gone away from Jesus

forgetting HE is still able to fix the pieces?

No, no, my friend! Don’t it let you stop,

Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.

You are to be blamed, yes you alone,

But you surely know the way back Home,

Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ,

Take the guilt off your mind, leave it all behind.

So, my friend! Don’t it let you stop,

Get up! Pick up your mat and walk!

HE never leaves

HE carried me, on HIS shoulders strong,

And now I see how I was wrong…

HE was there, yes, HE was there,

when all I thought was HE didn’t care.


Be it the rainy torrents,

or when life’s ways seemed all bent,

Or be it during the stormy gale,

when life’s boat was not a pleasant sail..

             HE was there, yes, HE was there,

             when all I thought was HE didn’t care.


Be it when dear one was lost and gone,

And it’s just me, at dinner table, all alone,

Or when friends were distant and away,

And not a word of comfort could anybody say.

           HE was there, yes, HE was there,

           when all I thought was HE didn’t care.


Now when I look back the years of pain,

When the sun never shone, and only was rain..

When I had cried alone in the lonesome night ,

And wondered where HE was in my greatest plight..

          HE was there, yes, HE was there,

          when all I thought was HE didn’t care.


       The pains and tears now are a past,

     HIS care and presence has all surpassed,

    Surely I have come a victor unscathed,

     All through the way, His hold was intact.

          HE was there, yes, HE was there,

     when all I thought was HE didn’t  care.


Now I know, that all through the pain,

It was just HIM all through the way,

       HE never slept, never let me go

Even when I was down in my lows,

           HE was there, yes, HE was there,

          when all I thought was HE didn’t care.


You might be there, just where I’ve been,

HE doesn’t see, is all that you’ve been saying

But HE gave eyes, and ears to us all,

Will HE not see, and hear when called?


 HE carried me, on HIS shoulders strong,

And now I look back to see how I was wrong…

HE will do, and is doing the same with you,

Once the fog is gone, you’ll know that it’s true.

Jesus wept

Mighty angels , serve HIM day and night,

Surely the KING of heaven must be a beautiful sight!!

But HE craves and longs for my attention, why?

While heaven dares not even to stand to HIS side


All dominion belongs to HIM, all power and all authority,

HE created all through HIS WORD, without much difficulty.

Though HE rules the heaven above,

Wonder why HE chose to show me love…


But of all wonders, that I could feel

Is that when I read of Jesus’ weep,

At HIS dear friend Lazarus’ funeral,

HE was when, with mourners, encircled.


Surely HE has command over death,

HE definitely saw what would happen next…

Yet, HE felt not a pinch of insensitivity,

He didn’t seem to show-off HIS authority..


HE was touched, HE was moved,

HE wept, HE still weeps, alongside you.

HE can’t stand your tears and cries,

Amidst your adversity, HE is nigh.


While your tears fall and only dry,

Remember HE feels your every sigh…

While you stand there saying, “Does HE hear?”

Remember HE bottles your every tear…

In your anger

So here I am. Back. Not with a poem of praise, point or pain., But back because I just have been thinking too much that is coming my way…accidental or incidental., in practical life or spiritual life. And, with each passing year, as I grow like anybody else, I become more mature, more thoughtful and more experienced.Sinning in anger

Yes. Experienced…All of us have experiences. Good and bad. But if we notice that bad things leave more of an impact in our behaviour, thoughts, language and …everything that makes us.

So, is with me. Negative people, discrimination, rejection, failures, regret, …and the list can go on. I grow with these things. And I grow to protect myself. But in the same breath, in order to protect myself, I am also separating myself from people who reject/ discriminate and fail me. My heart grows with anger and bitterness towards everybody around me, just because I want to be away and free from pain/ rejection and failures. I am angry at people who discriminate me. I am bitter towards people who get what I feel I should have got. I am angry at people and the certain section of people who treat me the way which is so discriminating, so insulting, so hurtful…

I don’t smile, I don’t want to smile at people. I don’t want to talk to anybody, any stranger.

They say I am rude. Let them say so.. I don’t care. I am hurt, hence I am right in behaving rude.

Everybody hurts me., and that’s why I don’t want to be friends with anybody..

And so bitterness and anger make a deeper root in me.

But, today as I was reading a Christian devotional book, I realized that no anger is worth anything. Bitterness is a state of heart, which at its peak gives birth to revenge and judging our brothers/sisters (I mean people, here). And both revenge and judgment belong only to God. So if I am judging and nursing revenge in my heart, I am trying to take the place of God!

I don’t know if I am writing well to make well my point.,but I am still going to write.

Christianity is all about forgiveness and loving our neighbors. Yet, I fail. And I am not the only one. But if go on and on with this bitterness and anger in my heart, I certainly am not obeying God. If I don’t obey God, it means I don’t love God. If I don’t love God, then I am certainly not His. That means I belong to someone else! That someone will take me (after my life here on earth) to his home full of fire, sulphur, worms and there he would torment me forever! So here I am thinking again…Is the bitterness and anger and hatred worth it? Not at all.

As God said , “ in your anger, do not sin”

When I am angry, I am led to sin. Sin of bitterness and hatred., revenge and slander.

A Christian can’t afford to be angry for ever. As I said earlier, its simply not worth it. As God said in Ephesians 4:26 (Amplified Bible) “When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down”.

Yes, His commandment is that we can not afford to stay angry all day. We ought to let go off our anger even before the sun sets!! Before sun set, we have to flush all the anger away! Leave alone a day, a month, a year and even a lifetime…Otherwise, the enemy gets a foot hold…

Well, I am resting my writing here.

Wish all readers good and godly anger management. 

If Only…..

Jogging my way through the dark deep woods,

Came across the path that ran beside the brook,

wondered why I taken not that seemed,

a path that looked pleasant and green…

Never did that path I regret taken not,

ever end in place that I fervently sought,

still regret I for not have journeyed

the path that looked so pleasant and green…

Mulling and musing very soon did I,

for the pleasant green path was never ever mine;

Too late is to change, the way belonging to me,

may path sure was not so pleasant and green.

Regret and remorse filled my little heart,

if only had I taken that pleasant green path,

If only had I known that this way of mine,

would only make me regret, lament and sigh…

“If only, If only”, I said to myself,

how great is this regret, I can never tell.

Regrets are many, and many my faults,

the path not ridden is just one of them all.

Just then HE spoke, ” MY dear li’l child,

why do you hurt and why do you cry?

The past is over, just leave it all behind,

you are still within MY Perfect WILL aligned.

Regrets and failures are not meant for you.

They only would your joy going to chew,

they come from the Devil, only if you knew,

your failures can never MY Purpose undo.

Your mistakes are never too grave or big,

that MY Blood can’t cover, you always forget this.

Jog all your way, which to Me is a beauty

and all through your way, I assure you my Company!”

what do you see?

These big and lovely eyes of mine,

Have always caused all people to admire,

To their envy and to my pride,

They stop to praise my beautiful eyes.

Indeed I love to compliments receive,

And true are they, I know and believe,

But what others know not is these eyes of mine,

Are the greatest hurdles to my godly life.

Seeing the beauty that are onto my side,

Seeing what others have, they lead me to desire,

Also make me long for all that seem,

Sparkly and shiny to my eyes lovely.

It looks ahead at the future, and cause me to fret,

And worry about the needs that might go unmet,

So in deep worry, God I fail to seek,

Weary I grow in working for my needs.

Also these lovely eyes of mine,

At times glances at what is left behind,

Sense how grave my failures have been,

Make me feel unworthy to serve HIM.

Whatever it looks at, where ever it sees,

These eyes of mine never sees clean,

Taking me away and far from my Lord,

Thus being a hindrance to my spiritual walk.

What can I ask, but only can I pray,

To gain more strength to finish my race,

And strive not to look except at my Christ,

Who alone is worthy to be our pride.

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great [is] that darkness

King James Bible: Matthew 6:23

in HIS company

In HIS company, the weak find their strength,

The weary, that is where, could find needed rest,

Come! Oh weary, Christ wants to be your Friend”

In HIS company, the hopeless find new hope,

What peace and joy is, you’ll come to know,

Come! Oh disheartened, come to HIS royal Throne.

In HIS company, there is divine liberty,

From past bitterness and present agony,

Come! Oh captive, Christ wants to set you free.

Such joy is to spend in HIS company,

Fail not to trust the Author of your destiny,

Invite HIM, won’t you?  … HE wants to dine with thee.


Shut their mouths,O Lord, shut them all up for me,

they tell news of despair and not of peace,

“She trusted in her God”, they say

they are voices that scream night and day.


Still the storm around me, Lord

tears and prayers I to Thee outpour,

Still the storm around me, Master

Lest I die of the feared disaster.


Invincible seem the storm around me

waves of fear and doubt are these,

storms of fear keep company these days,

storms that cover and hide thy Face

I wonder why..

Wonder how it’s easier to trust a lover’s promise,

but doubt and disbelieve the everlasting love of HIS.

Why is it easier, the existence of God, to believe

but in difficult times, deny HIS presence with me?

Wonder why the ‘lilies and sparrows’ parable

to suffice my faith is never capable.

Wonder why it’s easier to believe the Red Sea’s partition,

yet doubt HIM to meet my own expectation.

Wonder how easy it is to demand things of earthly father,

but cringe with doubt right after telling my prayer.

why it seems easier to leave the laundry to mother,

but to HIM, my cares, is hard to surrender.

He went that far to give HIS own life,

to prove HIS love, so that I might recognize

the extent of HIS love, the extent of HIS power,

Yet I find it hard to believe my strong TOWER.

Dear Lord, I am just a flower quickly fading

I’ve no faith, I know its not very pleasing,

Like the troubled father who sought his son’s relief,

I too ask, “Help me overcome my unbelief”.

Winter Song

When every breath taken is a hurdle,

When every moment lived becomes a burden,

when death seems  better than life itself,

when hope is tarnished, and all is meaningless.

When prayers are filled only with tears,

words would not come,  heart only has its fears,

sin is no longer a pleasure, so is this saved life,

dreams and desires have become cold as ice.

Not knowing God’s will for sure,

fear stands there knocking at the door,

I scream and plead to take this cup away,

I no longer have the strength to stay.

I want to hear from HIM and only HIM.,

this pain of mine has got my heart dimmed,

I no longer am trusting, am all cold,

to my good faith, I can no longer hold.

Like Hagar in the desert,

I only wander with fret.

Like Elijah under the tree,

I am all finished, all so weary.

Heaven is all silent,

All I can do is to relent,

Darkness is all over me,

HIM, I can no longer see.

Does HE ever talk, can anybody tell,

Tell me somebody, where does HE dwell?

I am still searching, hunting for HIS reply

Waiting for HIM to put an end to my outcry.

Back Yoke

The world is busy connecting; it takes just a stroke,

And so I too join the Twitter and Face book,

Spending hours in sharing unnecessary information,

Taking time between the odd shifts shuttling….

So why my back be able to the torture bear

When I don’t take its proper care?

It would not make a single move,

Without me letting in pain to drool..

“Seek the doctor,” loved ones said,

Doctors always scare me, them I always dread,

And so I hit the doctor’s cabin,

Who seemed to believe my innocent sin…

Prescribed few medicines after the X-ray,

That cost me a few bucks, I must say…

Not to forget the painful exercise

That was mandatory, a part of the doctor’s advice.

For days after the visit, I never took serious the advice,

Imagined it would heal itself , so never did I exercise.,

Days went by , and  my pain began to kill

Till I had no choice but to take the bitter pill.

Just two days of exercise, and I was back straight and strong,

I began to walk, without pain, after time very long…

Without pain, our body is a blessing indeed,

I almost forgot to be able to walk pain- free….

Oh, how I forgot that I once could walk free,

Till I got used to the bondage which could be healed,

I got so used to the pain, I must say..

Till healing came by one fine day…

That reminds me of a HEALER at the Bethesda lake

There lay an old man in years of bondage,

Who did not answer right the Healer query

and blamed others  for his prolonged misery.

“Do you want to get healed?” is a question so easy,

But the man had learnt to live with his disability

Therefore could only describe what all were doing,

In this whole bargain , he forgot his own healing..

But thanks to God who is eagerly waiting

To heal of our sickness, bondage and sin,

Please do not live a life of strain,

Liberty in every area, is what God wants you to attain. :-)


Always grew to hear “majority always wins”,

But does that imply majority always are precise?

My head and hands always don’t get it right,

Even at their best, mistakes do arise…

Oh, this ever wandering thoughts of mine,

Try to figure the things, small and great alike,

“Is it possible? How can it happen?”

“It can’t be true”, my faith thus dampen…

What does your head say, buddy?

After it, all the scene around you, study?

What is the report your mind gave you?

Do your friends say, “It’s too good to be true”.

Let me tell a story you would recognize,

Of the men sent to Canaan, to explore and analyze,

the women, men and the giants too,

the valleys, hills and the food that grew.

And ten of the twelve came dreading back home,

Brought news of fear, terror and doom,

concerning people, place and the giants of course,

“We can never fight them, we don’t have the source.”

The report was called evil, why can I explain,

Coz’ their hope in God had all gone astray.

They forgot that God knows no impossibility,

They could only say what their eyes could see….

Another story from the New Testament,

Was when Peter made the grand statement,

Majority called Jesus, a prophet of old, John and Elijah,

But majority could not see that what Peter saw…

So what does your head say, buddy?

After it, all the scene around you, study?

Majority might not be always right,

Especially when the God of all impossibility is on your side….

And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature.

King James Version : 13: 32

foundation of Faith

I am girl not very girly., at least not among the ones who played with soft toys (yeah, but I like soft toys), the one who who could walk on my Indian roads at 2 am without shivering and shuddering (I have done that quite a few times!)., I mean I am one of those bold ones, a look at me and you would mistake me to have an unsurmountable attitude., you know what I mean, right? . Not very girly.;-) Anyways, the point I wanted to make here is ‘LOVE’ was always something , I never ever could express. I was always like , “okay, I know you love me, but not the kisses and hugs, please”..Everybody and everything that would express its love for me, was always retaliated with a very mediocre bad at taking compliments too..Same thing with God’s love. I know, since childhood, that God loves me, God cares for me, God gave HIS only SON, GOD created sun and moon for me….that , this and that…but never ever took it seriously. I thought that there were better jobs to do as Christians, you know, like , rebuking the devils..??!!

But these days, life is getting really stressful.. really demanding. Prayer life is dwindling, time spent in meditation is too less (well , that is an understatement!). Hurtful experiences, mostly my fault, partly others’. Negative vibes, negative thoughts, wrong places to be in adding on to the decrease (and no presence) of godly people around you, everything just sucks the life out you, you see. Travelling back home is the only time , I find myself with the Lord , mostly quarrelling and complaining.

“No, you don’t love, Tell me, do you? Lord, why , why, why? Do you really love me? How can you love me? Of-course you , don’t . Do you really love me?” I don’t know how long I have been doing this. For the past 3 or 4 months? I don’t remember..”Why this pain? Why this delay? Why denial? Why, why , why??” Oooff, any mortal who would wear me down with such words even for a week, I would chop his head off..But God can’t do that, can HE? Because HE is so good. And that’s why this dirty attitude.. I could not believe that I, who thought that LOVE is not so hip and happening when compared to other realms of a Christian life, was now was on my knees begging for an apt WORD…something special… or just something different should happen in my mundane life that would prove (despite the great story of the Cross) that HE loved me (yeah, so I am a mortal here wanting to be told that I am loved).

I mean guys, if any of you are going through this, I tell you, that being ignorant of HIS LOVE, is the most hopeless situation, most darkest of all feelings. And you know why I call this hopeless and darkest? Because we keep failing to understand and know HIS LOVE… One thing has to be strong and unshakable in a Christian life is the fact that “GOD LOVES ME”.. and would request everyone of you to read as “ME” because we always think ” oh, God loves everybody, I am just one in the bunch of people”. NO..!! Creation in all its beauty would not have been any less even if you were the one and only soul on the entire face of the earth and universe..!!! God would still come down to take the cross even if you were the only one who sinned (do I need to tell the story of the lost sheep?)..So guys, and me, specially ” GOD LOVES ME”

During times when I asked and did not have the strength to ask God to tell me that HE loved me, God has been faithful and unfailing in sending me words of comfort and love (of course!).

Here I share with you what God had sent me in my inbox through my favorite DAVID WILKERSON. Please read and find comfort, just the way I did.

The only time God’s patience runs out with us is when we refuse again and again to accept how much he loves us. Many Christians today have been turned back into a wilderness of their ownmaking. They have no joy, no victory. To look at them, you’d think God had forsaken them years ago. No—he has simply turned them over to their own complaining and murmuring.

Thank God, Joshua and Caleb entered into the Promised Land. And they stood as green trees in God’ house until their dying days. They were men of power and vision because they know they were precious to God.

You also are precious to the Lord, in spite of your problems and failures. You can be a green tree in God’s house just as Joshua and Caleb were.

Simply stand on what God’s Word promises: “He brought me forth also into a large place; he delivered me, because he delighted in me” (Psalm 18:19).

That is the foundation of true faith!

our GOD

How their gods dictate the clothes they wear,

their devotion costs much more they can bear,

how their gods tell them to walk the flame

quenching their anger with the devotees’ shame.


How their gods tell them to kill..,

and demand the blood of the disciples’ kin.

Devotees visit every known fountain,

take holy dips, walk the rocky mountain….


Here I know a humble and meek KING,

who chose to cleanse every unspoken sin

yet HIS people grumble at their every test

against this God who always told to stand still and rest.


HE won their battle; at the Cross it was finished,

Sin and shame  HE himself banished..

Price of their sin that they could never pay

HIS love paid it all, given HIS free Grace..


Like Martha complained about the chores not shared,

Like the disciples in storm we ask, “Do You not care?”

even the ungodly never dare to question

their so called gods for their situation.


How you and I need to pick up stuff

from the lost among us that are enough

to teach and exemplify the extent of their intensity

and to carry our cross with the same humility.

and tell Peter

Lord , I shall never deny you ever,

Quick Peter used words too clever.

All may fail, but I shall ever leave your side..

Said our dear Peter, in Christ’s testing time.

Verily, verily, Jesus confined

Tonight You shall deny me thrice

And the rest of the story I need not describe

Coward was Peter, it is always transcribed.

Denying Jesus was easy, but denying self was worst.

A guilty conscience, an unfruitful faith is sure a curse.

And Peter,  hid himself, I imagine..

Ashamed and guilty just like Adam in Eden

“Do I deserve forgiveness,

Can a coward be His witness??

Can I be forgiven, am I still Master’s  choice ??”

I don’t deserve good”, said Peter’s inner voice..

And soon the angels appeared that bright morning,

unto the disciples who were still mourning

to tell all disciples and Peter especially ♣

About Jesus’s travel to Galilee..

Those lines , carefully and lovingly spun

To tell Peter that he was still part of the holy marathon.

leaving behind the guilt and shame

Peter was still in the game.

Verily , Verily my co-friends with Peter,

Tells Jesus who once told the cheater,

“Have you like Peter denied me, oh child?

I am still ready to give you new life…!!!”

♣ (……..But go, tell his disciples and Peter, …….. ” (Mark 16:-7).


Decide to be joyful when in distress..

Don’t wait for distress to go away

Decide to be faithful all the time

Decide to remain faithful , come what may..

Decide to be positive all the time,

Be positive without rhythm or rhyme.

Decide to love all the way

Every time and every day….

Decide that you’ll live right

Decide to fight the good fight..

Decide to leave old self behind

After all its all in the mind…

Decide to abide  in the WAY

Decide that- every time and every day

Change will come, and joy abound

Trust me , its not as hard as its sounds…


In the midst of family chaos, “quality time” is rare.
Do your best; let God do the rest:
Always Say A Prayer.

It may seem like your worries are more than you can bear,

Slow down and take a breather

Always Say A Prayer.

God knows how stressful life is

He wants to ease our cares,

and He’ll respond ASAP– Always Say A Prayer..!!!

Disturb us, Lord

Disturb us, Lord, when

We are too well pleased with ourselves,

When our dreams have come true

Because we have dreamed too little,

When we arrived safely

Because we sailed too close to the shore.

Disturb us, Lord, when

With the abundance of things we possess

We have lost our thirst

For the waters of life;

Having fallen in love with life,

We have ceased to dream of eternity

And in our efforts to build a new earth,

We have allowed our vision

Of the new Heaven to dim.

Disturb us, Lord, to dare more boldly,

To venture on wider seas

Where storms will show your mastery;

Where losing sight of land,

We shall find the stars.

We ask You to push back

The horizons of our hopes;

And to push into the future

In strength, courage, hope, and love.

Sir Francis Drake – 1577

Try this

When anxiety and worry aren’t working…

Try resting in the Lord

When fighting the temptation is not working…..

Try fleeing

When helping self does not work….

Try helping others

When prayer and tears  are not working…

then try Praise

Flame the spark

When God seems away,

when you feel giving up your race,

Flame the spark of faith in you, my soul, flame the spark in you….

Stop feeling vile and ugly

For God still rejoices in you

Flame the spark of faith in you, my soul, flame the spark in you.

Don’t panic, Oh, little one,

you’ve got to arrive the strongest one..

Flame the spark of faith in you, my soul, flame the spark in you….

Me, Mine, Myself…

As I went my way up high,
cribbing and complaining of the pains of mine,
and up and up I went so high,
on a life centered only around the troubles of mine..


“Look, he’s got the dream of his life,
Look, she’s got the life that should have been mine,
“She ‘s got the beauty, he’s got the brain..
and here I am , stuck to this miserable pain….”


Went like this for years so long,
how many are with me in this throng?
“I want the love, I want to belong”
So many of us sing this same song?


Just as I talked the thankless walk.
I heard the neighbor’s wife talk
Of her cheating husband , her life was a rot..
she needed love -unfair was her lot..


Again I was back- to my complaining part
again I hear the voice that just had start
to share the pain and cry of her heart
she was the mother living lone and apart..


A little farther I just had gone
my best friend began crying on the phone..
her voice echoed the heart so torn,
Cancer had struck her, my heart just broke…


Many around us are in great pain indeed
and here we are called the Abraham’s seed
and yet live a life of constant greed,
Prayer always is ‘myself, mine and me’


Me, mine, myself is our constant cry,
Causing our spiritual life to dry
Lend some, love some, you be the source.
World would surely change, both theirs and yours..


Sing unto the Lord a song anew,
A life of gratitude , lets all pursue..
To lend and love, God has placed you,
In the midst of turmoil that are in the queue..

The Great ‘I AM’

As a child , I never understood HIS name
“I Am” is weird, wonder always came
What does “I AM” mean when Moses did ask
pondered always yet bothered not God for the task
Conceived in His mind for His purpose to fulfill
Born according to His choice and His divine will
Born to run the faithful holy race
Born to seek His kingdom and Face..
His promises I sought,
But His commandments I forgot,
Life of comfort and riches I always got
and ‘I deserved blessings’, this is what I thought..
But can one praise and love when inflicted?
When comforts are gone and blessing restricted??
That’s when I lost and denied my Saviour
That’s when I called Him a careless Father.
Its hard to believe His love,
Its hard to run the faithful marathon
Its easy to murmur and deny His presence,
Easy to give up in times of stormy torrents..
“Generation to generation they were all slaves,
Nowhere to rest, no where in peace could lay
This was Israel, during the 430 years of infliction
These where the children called to be blessing…
Would they believe His love?
Could they trust His power?
Used were they to slavery and fears
should they believe a God silent for 430 years??”
No matter what you go through
God still cares and God loves you,
No matter what your fate
God surely is slow but never is late..
To believe His heart, to seek His face
is the only way during hopeless days
Sing hymns of praise and stand strong and still
Your pace be steady when unsure of His will
Sickness does not mean a heartless God
Poverty does not mean God is uncaring
No matter what you go through …no matter what your fate
God still loves you and He sure won’t be late
Tribulation and temptation can’t define our Great God
A human mind can never perceive the Mighty Heart
No matter what you go through …no matter what your fate
His love for you eternal ,its just too great..
He sees and hence is El Roi
He is sufficient and is El Shaddai
But powerful is the name ‘ I AM’
Toss of time can’t define God’s love, it never ever can…

When I say

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not shouting, “I’m clean living’.”
I’m whispering, “I was lost,
Now I’m found and forgiven.”
When I say, ” I am a Christian”
I don’t speak of this with pride.

I’m confessing that I stumble

and need Christ to be my guide.
When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not trying to be strong.
I’m professing that I’m weak
And need His strength to carry on.
When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not bragging of success.
I’m admitting I have failed
And need God to clean my mess.
When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible
But, God believes I am worth it.
When I say… “I am a Christian”
I still feel the sting of pain.
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.
When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not holier than thou,
I’m just a simple sinner
Who received God’s good grace, somehow!

Share this with somebody who already has this understanding, as reinforcement. But more importantly, share this with those who do not have a clear understanding of what it means to be a Christian, so that the myth that Christians think they are “perfect” or “better than others” can be dispelled.

Jesus, our Valentine

Valentines Day is but near,
love is in the air; all lovers come near
Love, yes, is stronger than death,
Love covers all evil and drives away fret…
But at such a time and on a day love’s defined
For all those hearts that’s lonely like mine,
Doesn’t this day of Valentine
Makes heart loner, hurt and whine??
For a soul-mate does my eyes wander and search,
a silent prayer, I say, seated in lone church,
as my eyes fell at the lovers lost in love,
I seem to be the only bird alone…..
‘Isn’t it time I get my man?
God, do I not trust your great plan?’
An outburst of emotion says in prayer such,
Thus prayed I, seated alone in a lone church…
Truth comes over and light is shed,
Hopes comes over,  my day’s need is met…
For those who can’t still find solace,
I appeal to you, His love, you could embrace…
He is able to meet your desires,
Your needs and wants, He respects and admires
He is working both in you and your mate,
until then His love, you should try and taste….
“I’ll never leave you, nor forsake you”
mortals never promise, though be of  great virtue,
He knows you completely, understands inside out…
knows your every feeling when you smile or shout…
Can you find a lover so faithful,
To have Him for a valentine- the thought is so blissful..!
He considered not worthy- His glory and pride
For you, He chose a donkey’s ride..!!
On every date with Him ,without getting billed
He’ll ensure your that hearts would be filled…
Moments of hope and faith will surely pay,
the lover of your soul…didn’t His life lay..??
His plans for you is just too deep,
He who promised knows well to keep,
He declares you His and Himself as thine,
He alone is a perfect Valentine……!!

But the Truth is……

Yes, its true that there is deadline to be met,

its true that there is much of toil and sweat

True, it is true that everything’s gone astray,

Agreed that this is not how things should have come your way…

Yes, its true that there is vaccum and loneliness in you,

agreed that your spouse should care in  ways anew,

true, its true that you are sour and bitter,

True its true the whole thing makes you feel like litter…

True its true you feel like God is away and not near,

Agreed why you feel God ’s forsaken you in times of fear,

True its true you are angry with God,

Feels the Carpenter has you broken and sawed..

‘Why this has happened to me,’ you wonder?

‘What sin have I done?’, do you ponder?

‘Is God angry with me?’ you feel,

‘God is partial’, heart does mutter though mouth still sealed..

Yes, its all true and your cry is true,

But truth is still true, just as the hopelessness in you

Truth of God’s love and care for you,

Remember God hurts when things hurts you…

Your cry and pain is ever before Him,

His love does not fade nor does it dim,

In every stormy sea when journey seems so long

He is the One who sails along…

No matter what you feel, no matter where you are,

Jesus still and will always love you,

though storms hide His face from you,

You don’t even realise that He is right with you…

Does a mother forget her nursing child?

God argues with you, Oh, you faith so mild?

God is there, loving and strong

Fighting your war, when your strength is all gone..

as you love YOURSELF

Love in my heart, and an ever-giving hand,
thought it would take me to the Holy land
Rushed to help the poor and save the needy,
to pull the helpless from their pits so miry…
Loving my neighbour, was something I never erred,
Words of my Saviour – always a command they were..
Seven days in week spent for noble deeds,
Poor received my kindness, my love given free..
Basking on my works, I lay on my bed,
Convinced was I to be God’s favored
Queried my Father if He was happy and glad,
Wondered did I still have to any virtue add..
“The poor you adored, but thyself you abhorred,
When was the last time you smiled at you, can you explore?
The needy you made happy, but thy own self was sad
Thus spake my Saviour, He seemed hurt and not very glad..
You have to love thyself, For I really love thee
Stop condemning yourself as I don’t the reason see….
Works and words can’t win my heart, sweet child,
I love you anyways, as perfect and precious, just the way I styled…”

Not By Sight

“Why old Sarah laugh away the promise, I wonder,
Did she to the human impulse surrender?
Was it the dried up wound? Or sheer disbelief?
Or was she hurt in awaiting the impossible relief?
Then one day came the God sent men
Arrived to hearten God’s dearest Abraham,
And here we have Sarah past her age of fertility,
Past more patience and faith, bound in chains of negativity….
Ever heard of the dead bring forth life?
Isn’t that beyond nature’s science?
‘How can God make work that what’s impossible?’
Don’t we also like Sarah mumble?”
Why did Thomas insist on seeing His Lord’s wounds?
Why couldn’t he in joy run around?
Does it imply that things are real
only when seen, smelt, touched and savoured?
Oh, Lord, help us hold to what You say,
in each little trial that comes our way,
Man only by faith attains the impossible,
Remind us that faith always sees the invisible…..


“Come my soul, lets get a life,
lets get away from His accomplice,”
For life is boring with Him,
Seemed to be a life chastised…
My heart went astray, my soul seemed lured,
The ways of the world seemed a paradise,
I was blind, ignorant and already conjured,
Hence in my folly, I thought it was time to arise….
Swiftly I drove to the dead-end zone,
to a great fall, to the way unknown.
The drive was a thrill, I was already high,
Bading my Lord a guilty good-bye.
Looked past my way, far away He stood ,
The way I was going , I thought was better and good.
Yeilding to the world and its enchanting glare
this is my world, I said, for me it cared…..
Charming was sin, deceptive its ways,
I was caught, realize I not, in my daze,
Danced all night, till the night died down,
Till death came close with a dirty frown.
Looked around in despair, groped for help,
though was I exhausted, lost and poor in health…
Called for aid, though no hope was seen
Lost my hope, my joy, my being…
But just then I heard the voice I knew,
voice that can brought healing and life anew..
my Saviour had come, in search of me,
To heal, to restore and to set me free.
Now the life is not mine, but forever His,
the life that is so much better, a sheer bliss
To walk according to His will, His ways , is a great delight….
Honored I am to live a life free of shame, guilt and blight……!!!

My Neighbour’s Garden

Walking down by life way I glanced,
my neighbour’s garden looked so enhanced,
Looked at mine, the one I no longer wanted to keep,
Thus lost I my peace, contentment and sleep.
God seemed partial- thought He loved her more,
there I was again, down and hurt,small and sore
Blamed Him for my ‘less’ and discontent was I,
My roses are not good enough, thus I sighed.
Found her singing hymns, all the time she praised,
My fascination for her lilies- my garden it erased.
I hated my roses, her lilies I sought to own,
Dejected I came to His royal throne.
“She would sing, surely praise you,
For she has much , but I have few,
Thou has blessed her, how lucky is she,
But Lord, what have You given me?”
He then spoke, my moan unwearyingly heard,
I didn’t realize my words had left Him injured,
“I was the Son, Father was pleased with,
Everyday I was to His right seated ”
“But when I saw your life so hard,
In love did I, My Glory, discard.
Three years on earth for you ministered,
Walking the burning ground, drinking the gal bitter”
“Taking the cross, bore every hurting pain,
To ask such a question, why didn’t you refrain?”
He stood up, leading to me to my garden sweet,
That was perched between the pond and the street.
“Her lilies are a beauty, that’s for sure,
So are the roses in the garden of yours,
I love her lilies, they deserve to be adored,
But thy roses, I love them too, be rest assured
So girls and boys, don’t you covet, don’t you steal,
Thy talents and gifts thankfully keep
For He has blessed us abundantly,
You just have to count and see………..

Foggy morn

On that rainy day, that stormy morn,
that fearfully dark and dusky dawn,
Stood I at the cross-road of life,
the road of solitude, loneliness and strife.

What lies the other side, I do not know,
Lo! The fog of fear covers my soul,
What the future holds I can not perceive,
What lies ahead I can not see..

While I stood on the highway alone,
Wondering someone can come and hold,
A touch of comfort, a word to tend,
Waiting for someone their ear could lend.

Came a stranger walking on the wet sand,
Who is that with the staff in His hand?
No, He is no stranger, Him I faintly know,
The One who walked in the purple-white gown.

Isn’t He the One who took the cross?
Isn’t He the One people called cursed?
Isn’t He known the carpenter’s son?
Did He not claim to be God’s own Son?

Such charm I’ve never seen,
Such meekness like there never has been,
Putting His arm around me now,
On that dawn of bitter winter snow..

Uttered He those words of comfort,hope and grace,
My fear just flew away without a trace,
That snowy dawn was a fresh new start,
This Man swore to guide me with His staff.

What my future holds, I do not know,
But Who holds my future, I know for sure,
that’s the Nazarene, the Man from Galilee,
So goodness will follow me for an eternity..

The Short-cut

Have you ever waken to a day ordinary?
Yesterday’s episode still in your memory?
Memories that haunt and make you bother,
Making you wish that life could be a more better?

Have you ever wished that you never did what you did,
wished you stuck to God’s and not your own will?
Still being haunted by guilty conscience?
Wished you had not acted with such hurriedness?

So did Abraham when to Sarah he listened,
For a moment of hurriedness, he too slithered
For thirteen long years was a lull in his life,
perhaps he wished never to have heeded to his wife…

But praise be to be God, who grudges does not hold
but strives to bring us within His mould
Father like He forgives takes us back,
With love and kindness brings us on track.

So lets all take a leaf from Abraham’s life,
Righteous was declared, despite of straying and lying twice..
God forgives and yearns to complete his promise for you,
Forgive yourself, as God declares no condemnation on you.

My Eternal Cheerleader

My heart yet again lies low,
and my race of faith now becomes  slow,
“Why do you forget your Saviour’s promises, my soul?”
“Why do you forget that He can’t forget?”

All you need to know is that He is enough
and realise that your Father can take care of your stuff,
Your dreams, desires and all of you can in His hands lay
He will lead you, guard you, come what may.

“HE has a tatoo of your name, don’t you know?
If HE drove a car, it would bear your name for sure
If  HE can be mighty enough to light the whole world,
can’t He brighten yours life too, at HIS one Word?”

You’ve heard Him say,” Cast your burdens on me, I really care
”Your cares, worries and sorrows He is happy to share..
Then why the bouts of disbelief, those tears?
Why the needless concern and anxiety, those fears?

Too tired to run? Look He is cheering for you
Can’t even walk? He will carry you through,
He is just for you, fighting the battle for you
Just trust Him, rest in Him, that’s all you have to do..!