My Neighbour’s Garden

Walking down by life way I glanced,
my neighbour’s garden looked so enhanced,
Looked at mine, the one I no longer wanted to keep,
Thus lost I my peace, contentment and sleep.
God seemed partial- thought He loved her more,
there I was again, down and hurt,small and sore
Blamed Him for my ‘less’ and discontent was I,
My roses are not good enough, thus I sighed.
Found her singing hymns, all the time she praised,
My fascination for her lilies- my garden it erased.
I hated my roses, her lilies I sought to own,
Dejected I came to His royal throne.
“She would sing, surely praise you,
For she has much , but I have few,
Thou has blessed her, how lucky is she,
But Lord, what have You given me?”
He then spoke, my moan unwearyingly heard,
I didn’t realize my words had left Him injured,
“I was the Son, Father was pleased with,
Everyday I was to His right seated ”
“But when I saw your life so hard,
In love did I, My Glory, discard.
Three years on earth for you ministered,
Walking the burning ground, drinking the gal bitter”
“Taking the cross, bore every hurting pain,
To ask such a question, why didn’t you refrain?”
He stood up, leading to me to my garden sweet,
That was perched between the pond and the street.
“Her lilies are a beauty, that’s for sure,
So are the roses in the garden of yours,
I love her lilies, they deserve to be adored,
But thy roses, I love them too, be rest assured
So girls and boys, don’t you covet, don’t you steal,
Thy talents and gifts thankfully keep
For He has blessed us abundantly,
You just have to count and see………..

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