as you love YOURSELF

Love in my heart, and an ever-giving hand,
thought it would take me to the Holy land
Rushed to help the poor and save the needy,
to pull the helpless from their pits so miry…
Loving my neighbour, was something I never erred,
Words of my Saviour – always a command they were..
Seven days in week spent for noble deeds,
Poor received my kindness, my love given free..
Basking on my works, I lay on my bed,
Convinced was I to be God’s favored
Queried my Father if He was happy and glad,
Wondered did I still have to any virtue add..
“The poor you adored, but thyself you abhorred,
When was the last time you smiled at you, can you explore?
The needy you made happy, but thy own self was sad
Thus spake my Saviour, He seemed hurt and not very glad..
You have to love thyself, For I really love thee
Stop condemning yourself as I don’t the reason see….
Works and words can’t win my heart, sweet child,
I love you anyways, as perfect and precious, just the way I styled…”

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