Me, Mine, Myself…

As I went my way up high,
cribbing and complaining of the pains of mine,
and up and up I went so high,
on a life centered only around the troubles of mine..


“Look, he’s got the dream of his life,
Look, she’s got the life that should have been mine,
“She ‘s got the beauty, he’s got the brain..
and here I am , stuck to this miserable pain….”


Went like this for years so long,
how many are with me in this throng?
“I want the love, I want to belong”
So many of us sing this same song?


Just as I talked the thankless walk.
I heard the neighbor’s wife talk
Of her cheating husband , her life was a rot..
she needed love -unfair was her lot..


Again I was back- to my complaining part
again I hear the voice that just had start
to share the pain and cry of her heart
she was the mother living lone and apart..


A little farther I just had gone
my best friend began crying on the phone..
her voice echoed the heart so torn,
Cancer had struck her, my heart just broke…


Many around us are in great pain indeed
and here we are called the Abraham’s seed
and yet live a life of constant greed,
Prayer always is ‘myself, mine and me’


Me, mine, myself is our constant cry,
Causing our spiritual life to dry
Lend some, love some, you be the source.
World would surely change, both theirs and yours..


Sing unto the Lord a song anew,
A life of gratitude , lets all pursue..
To lend and love, God has placed you,
In the midst of turmoil that are in the queue..

One comment

  1. Fantastic poem… you are absolutely correct, I believe one fo the world’s greatest problems are selfishness and greed. The solution? Just as you say… Remember all that Christ has done for us!!


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