Decide to be joyful when in distress..

Don’t wait for distress to go away

Decide to be faithful all the time

Decide to remain faithful , come what may..

Decide to be positive all the time,

Be positive without rhythm or rhyme.

Decide to love all the way

Every time and every day….

Decide that you’ll live right

Decide to fight the good fight..

Decide to leave old self behind

After all its all in the mind…

Decide to abide  in the WAY

Decide that- every time and every day

Change will come, and joy abound

Trust me , its not as hard as its sounds…


  1. during some of my hardest times this thought helped me through ‘ tough times dont last but tough people do’ and as proverbs says ‘ when times are good be happy ..when times are bad consider ..God has made on aswell as the other.’

    So if you have pain is not far!


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