our GOD

How their gods dictate the clothes they wear,

their devotion costs much more they can bear,

how their gods tell them to walk the flame

quenching their anger with the devotees’ shame.


How their gods tell them to kill..,

and demand the blood of the disciples’ kin.

Devotees visit every known fountain,

take holy dips, walk the rocky mountain….


Here I know a humble and meek KING,

who chose to cleanse every unspoken sin

yet HIS people grumble at their every test

against this God who always told to stand still and rest.


HE won their battle; at the Cross it was finished,

Sin and shame  HE himself banished..

Price of their sin that they could never pay

HIS love paid it all, given HIS free Grace..


Like Martha complained about the chores not shared,

Like the disciples in storm we ask, “Do You not care?”

even the ungodly never dare to question

their so called gods for their situation.


How you and I need to pick up stuff

from the lost among us that are enough

to teach and exemplify the extent of their intensity

and to carry our cross with the same humility.


  1. Hi Maria:

    Very nice poem and well put. This post reminds me of what one of my pastor told us. In some countries, a king is looked upon like a god. If the king do something wrong, his servants gets the punishments. But with Jesus, the King of kings, Lord of Lord, if we do something wrong, He gets the punishment. It is the opposite. There is no greater love.



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