Back Yoke

The world is busy connecting; it takes just a stroke,

And so I too join the Twitter and Face book,

Spending hours in sharing unnecessary information,

Taking time between the odd shifts shuttling….

So why my back be able to the torture bear

When I don’t take its proper care?

It would not make a single move,

Without me letting in pain to drool..

“Seek the doctor,” loved ones said,

Doctors always scare me, them I always dread,

And so I hit the doctor’s cabin,

Who seemed to believe my innocent sin…

Prescribed few medicines after the X-ray,

That cost me a few bucks, I must say…

Not to forget the painful exercise

That was mandatory, a part of the doctor’s advice.

For days after the visit, I never took serious the advice,

Imagined it would heal itself , so never did I exercise.,

Days went by , and  my pain began to kill

Till I had no choice but to take the bitter pill.

Just two days of exercise, and I was back straight and strong,

I began to walk, without pain, after time very long…

Without pain, our body is a blessing indeed,

I almost forgot to be able to walk pain- free….

Oh, how I forgot that I once could walk free,

Till I got used to the bondage which could be healed,

I got so used to the pain, I must say..

Till healing came by one fine day…

That reminds me of a HEALER at the Bethesda lake

There lay an old man in years of bondage,

Who did not answer right the Healer query

and blamed others  for his prolonged misery.

“Do you want to get healed?” is a question so easy,

But the man had learnt to live with his disability

Therefore could only describe what all were doing,

In this whole bargain , he forgot his own healing..

But thanks to God who is eagerly waiting

To heal of our sickness, bondage and sin,

Please do not live a life of strain,

Liberty in every area, is what God wants you to attain.🙂

One comment

  1. Nice poem. You mentioned facebook and twitting but you forgot to mention about blogging.
    It is amazing how I can connect with people from all over the world that I don’t even know. Yet we all have many things in common. This is indeed a small world after all.

    I have come across one of your twits about your back pain once. I am glad to know you are feeling much better.

    Your poem reminds me that Jesus as the healer. Jesus answered and said to them, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick (Luke 5:31) and yes Jesus is waiting for whoever wil come to Him. He is waiting even at the door and is knocking.



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