I wonder why..

Wonder how it’s easier to trust a lover’s promise,

but doubt and disbelieve the everlasting love of HIS.

Why is it easier, the existence of God, to believe

but in difficult times, deny HIS presence with me?

Wonder why the ‘lilies and sparrows’ parable

to suffice my faith is never capable.

Wonder why it’s easier to believe the Red Sea’s partition,

yet doubt HIM to meet my own expectation.

Wonder how easy it is to demand things of earthly father,

but cringe with doubt right after telling my prayer.

why it seems easier to leave the laundry to mother,

but to HIM, my cares, is hard to surrender.

He went that far to give HIS own life,

to prove HIS love, so that I might recognize

the extent of HIS love, the extent of HIS power,

Yet I find it hard to believe my strong TOWER.

Dear Lord, I am just a flower quickly fading

I’ve no faith, I know its not very pleasing,

Like the troubled father who sought his son’s relief,

I too ask, “Help me overcome my unbelief”.

One comment

  1. The message I am getting from this nice poem is about how far even for Christians to drift away from the love of God as we would at time rely on the promises of what this world can provide.

    Like you have said before that we are all work in progress and I know that it is sometime difficult because of our fallen nature. “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.

    Keep in mind that God reveals His glory through the broken and the weak things in the world. He will never leave you nor foresake you.



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