in HIS company

In HIS company, the weak find their strength,

The weary, that is where, could find needed rest,

Come! Oh weary, Christ wants to be your Friend”

In HIS company, the hopeless find new hope,

What peace and joy is, you’ll come to know,

Come! Oh disheartened, come to HIS royal Throne.

In HIS company, there is divine liberty,

From past bitterness and present agony,

Come! Oh captive, Christ wants to set you free.

Such joy is to spend in HIS company,

Fail not to trust the Author of your destiny,

Invite HIM, won’t you?  … HE wants to dine with thee.


  1. Poetry searches deep within the heart of the writer and many pictures floods my mind as I read your writings. I seem to know alot about you and yet there is a mystery beyond my comprehension.


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Paul,.
      Your comment makes me think that indeed human mind so full of random thoughts, thoughts that are deep, which can’t fully be ever put in words, paintings or any other media, especially when it comes to expressing Christ, or Christian life and truth…
      Sometimes things just flow and the outcome of an artist is something that the artist himself would never would have expected …
      But yet again, we can never ever fully tell how good our God is..


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