what do you see?

These big and lovely eyes of mine,

Have always caused all people to admire,

To their envy and to my pride,

They stop to praise my beautiful eyes.

Indeed I love to compliments receive,

And true are they, I know and believe,

But what others know not is these eyes of mine,

Are the greatest hurdles to my godly life.

Seeing the beauty that are onto my side,

Seeing what others have, they lead me to desire,

Also make me long for all that seem,

Sparkly and shiny to my eyes lovely.

It looks ahead at the future, and cause me to fret,

And worry about the needs that might go unmet,

So in deep worry, God I fail to seek,

Weary I grow in working for my needs.

Also these lovely eyes of mine,

At times glances at what is left behind,

Sense how grave my failures have been,

Make me feel unworthy to serve HIM.

Whatever it looks at, where ever it sees,

These eyes of mine never sees clean,

Taking me away and far from my Lord,

Thus being a hindrance to my spiritual walk.

What can I ask, but only can I pray,

To gain more strength to finish my race,

And strive not to look except at my Christ,

Who alone is worthy to be our pride.

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great [is] that darkness

King James Bible: Matthew 6:23


  1. this is very nice. Glory to God. I love that you use poetry to express your dependence to God and your need of more of Him and to glorify His holy name. I love poems and I also like writing this kind of piece.😀


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