If Only…..

Jogging my way through the dark deep woods,

Came across the path that ran beside the brook,

wondered why I taken not that seemed,

a path that looked pleasant and green…

Never did that path I regret taken not,

ever end in place that I fervently sought,

still regret I for not have journeyed

the path that looked so pleasant and green…

Mulling and musing very soon did I,

for the pleasant green path was never ever mine;

Too late is to change, the way belonging to me,

may path sure was not so pleasant and green.

Regret and remorse filled my little heart,

if only had I taken that pleasant green path,

If only had I known that this way of mine,

would only make me regret, lament and sigh…

“If only, If only”, I said to myself,

how great is this regret, I can never tell.

Regrets are many, and many my faults,

the path not ridden is just one of them all.

Just then HE spoke, ” MY dear li’l child,

why do you hurt and why do you cry?

The past is over, just leave it all behind,

you are still within MY Perfect WILL aligned.

Regrets and failures are not meant for you.

They only would your joy going to chew,

they come from the Devil, only if you knew,

your failures can never MY Purpose undo.

Your mistakes are never too grave or big,

that MY Blood can’t cover, you always forget this.

Jog all your way, which to Me is a beauty

and all through your way, I assure you my Company!”


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