In your anger

So here I am. Back. Not with a poem of praise, point or pain., But back because I just have been thinking too much that is coming my way…accidental or incidental., in practical life or spiritual life. And, with each passing year, as I grow like anybody else, I become more mature, more thoughtful and more experienced.Sinning in anger

Yes. Experienced…All of us have experiences. Good and bad. But if we notice that bad things leave more of an impact in our behaviour, thoughts, language and …everything that makes us.

So, is with me. Negative people, discrimination, rejection, failures, regret, …and the list can go on. I grow with these things. And I grow to protect myself. But in the same breath, in order to protect myself, I am also separating myself from people who reject/ discriminate and fail me. My heart grows with anger and bitterness towards everybody around me, just because I want to be away and free from pain/ rejection and failures. I am angry at people who discriminate me. I am bitter towards people who get what I feel I should have got. I am angry at people and the certain section of people who treat me the way which is so discriminating, so insulting, so hurtful…

I don’t smile, I don’t want to smile at people. I don’t want to talk to anybody, any stranger.

They say I am rude. Let them say so.. I don’t care. I am hurt, hence I am right in behaving rude.

Everybody hurts me., and that’s why I don’t want to be friends with anybody..

And so bitterness and anger make a deeper root in me.

But, today as I was reading a Christian devotional book, I realized that no anger is worth anything. Bitterness is a state of heart, which at its peak gives birth to revenge and judging our brothers/sisters (I mean people, here). And both revenge and judgment belong only to God. So if I am judging and nursing revenge in my heart, I am trying to take the place of God!

I don’t know if I am writing well to make well my point.,but I am still going to write.

Christianity is all about forgiveness and loving our neighbors. Yet, I fail. And I am not the only one. But if go on and on with this bitterness and anger in my heart, I certainly am not obeying God. If I don’t obey God, it means I don’t love God. If I don’t love God, then I am certainly not His. That means I belong to someone else! That someone will take me (after my life here on earth) to his home full of fire, sulphur, worms and there he would torment me forever! So here I am thinking again…Is the bitterness and anger and hatred worth it? Not at all.

As God said , “ in your anger, do not sin”

When I am angry, I am led to sin. Sin of bitterness and hatred., revenge and slander.

A Christian can’t afford to be angry for ever. As I said earlier, its simply not worth it. As God said in Ephesians 4:26 (Amplified Bible) “When angry, do not sin; do not ever let your wrath (your exasperation, your fury or indignation) last until the sun goes down”.

Yes, His commandment is that we can not afford to stay angry all day. We ought to let go off our anger even before the sun sets!! Before sun set, we have to flush all the anger away! Leave alone a day, a month, a year and even a lifetime…Otherwise, the enemy gets a foot hold…

Well, I am resting my writing here.

Wish all readers good and godly anger management. 

3 thoughts on “In your anger

  1. Hi Maria:

    Thanks for sharing your feelings: pains, hurts, sorrow. I can relate to your struggles because I’ve been there and I also end up mistrusting people to some degree. I know how you feel. But you are right about not judging others. The only way to find strength is in the Lord and to foregive those who hurt us.



  2. Hi Maria:

    It has been awhile since I have visited your blog. I have been kind of busy lately and have not gone back to more paintings.

    After reading this post of yours, again, I like to say that I can relate to your feelings, and of how the world and people around you can have a negative impact on your life. But know that God is always going to be your strength and you know He loves you even when all seems to have fallen apart around you. This is the way the world is.

    If you have time, I like to invite you over to my other blog to read some of my short stories. Some of these stories real stories where noted. It is to show that the presence of God is really much closer than you realized.

    And while you are reading some of the stories, would you mind inserting your comments? I like to know what you think.



  3. thank you so much for this post… I’ve been disappointed by some of our church spiritual leaders because they did something we never expect of them to do… Those who has encourage me has become the stumbling block.. but then, I’ve learned to forgive them and prayed for them…


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