Take a Break

Okay, so here I de-stress.  I have decided to take a break and hit this cosy corner where I like to relax, taken time away from the mundane and the routine and the rat-race. Hmm, its good to take a break. Break, yes break!

I was born again when? May be when I was 16 or 17, don’t remember exactly but round about that time, one May afternoon, when HE really kind of change my life…if it would not be HIS touch, that day, it would be a different me.! I repented from my old ways, thoughts, beliefs, etc….

But it was not always a holy and right me, I sinned many times till today. Everyday is a repentance (I’m sure, you’d agree)

But life is always getting better with the ever increasing stress and cares. When life gets tougher, you kinda want to take a break. Break! Yes, break! Physical break is fine, but about spiritual break? What kind of break am I talking? Its this “Is anything left?”, ” Is there hope?”, ” Oh, forget it!”, ” Its not going to work.” So why pray? So why God? Why Bible?

People tend to give up. People tend to take a break! From prayer life, from God, from hoping that there is hope, from holding on to the God who cares.

Such a break is a disaster! Personal experience. It leads to sin.

I took one (and have just returned from) such a break, and could not find my way back to HIM! Completely lost! Unaware how to deal with the every increasing pressure, without peace! Confusion all around. Confusion that needed to be forgotten and ignored, by getting into all kinds of wrong addictions. Sin leading into another sin…Sin causing confusion. God! Its a never ending vicious circle. Lost!

It was difficult again to get back to knees (after the break!). It was difficult to catch up the lost faith (after losing touch!)

Its like this:

Sin will always take you farther than you were willing to go.

Sin will always keep you longer than you were willing to stay.

Sin will always cost you more than you were willing to pay.

 When the day was rough and tiresome, even Jesus took breaks. To a solitary place. To pray. To be with HIS Father.
Friends, have you taken such breaks, from your spiritual walk? Enough. Return. Before its too late. Get back to work, with Jesus. Working with Jesus is the coolest holiday!


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